Religion is the root of: Misogyny

Women make up roughly 52% of the population, so why do we as a society allow them to be so limited in terms of what they can contribute to society? Where do we get the idea women aren’t capable leaders? Men are not more intelligent than women, we are a little stronger in the upper body (on average), but that doesn’t help you lead a country. In fact there is not a single difference in attributes that make men more able leaders than women. Logic would dictate that the best person for a job should do that job. Why then is it such a hurdle for qualified women to become leaders in our society? You’re asking yourself, “is this guy a moron, doesn’t he know that we live in a patriarchal society”? This is, however what I would like you to consider. Why is it a patriarchal society? Who made it so?

There was a time when physicality was at the heart of survival, your ability to fight and to hunt made you a leader, and so men engorged in our testosterone installed ourselves as leaders, I mean you wanna eat don’t ya? If I don’t hunt, you don’t eat so what I say goes! But then we got more “civilized” and as such we needed a more intellectual approach to controlling the masses and this necessity prompted the invention of religion. Those that had the hotline to the deity could persuade the mighty to do their bidding, after all you’re not going to mess with the dude that makes your crops grow, you know the one that hoists the sun up into the sky at dawn every morning and makes sure there are beasts for you to slay and eat? If not for the perpetuation of religion we would have grown out of our childish tendency to ignore logic and reason and most sadly of all, to ignore the talents and capabilities of the women with whom we share our lives.
One thing women do seem to have more of than we men is compassion. We could use a little of that right now. Compassion and empathy are running in very short supply at this point in time. Perhaps if we elect more women as leaders, their compassion would prevent them from say, going to war for selfish reasons, or allowing “businessmen” to bilk thousands of people out of their homes by de-regulating the mortgage industry. Maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now if our leaders had a little more compassion. Is it possible, can you admit this even to yourself (if you’re a man reading this) or believe it (if you’re a woman reading this)? I hope so, because if you even wonder if we’d be better off with more women in positions of leadership, maybe there’s hope.
America is a country that was founded on freedom FROM religion and representation by population. It’s almost 2013 and we have neither. There are far too many white men in positions of power and far too few women and minorities. The voices of the people that make up that vast majority of the population are never heard. It’s not much better here in Canada to be brutally honest, and most of the developed nations have their government decks stacked in a similar manner. This inequality is a plague on the earth, and the balance must be reset if we humans are to prosper without greed or war being the main fuel of our global economy. Until women take their rightful place beside men in building our future, we will never reach our true potential.
You may ask, “yes but why is he blaming all of this on religion”. If this is the case, you haven’t read your holy books. ALL of the abrahamic religions promote misogyny, and reduce women to the level of chattel and livestock. The King James bible clearly states
“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”. This commandment lists human beings as man’s possessions. This sort of ideology has no place in modern society. I could site dozens of examples from the new testament, even more from the old testament and all it’s derivative works. We have no future if we continue to incorporate this ideology into our society.

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